Are you struggling with growing your email list? Is your blog + business still invisible after months?

You hear of bloggers with tens of thousands of subscribers and wonder how they did it. The only people on your list are your mom and a handful of strangers.

You get a glimpse of a technique here and a technique there, but never quite get “the full picture”, and it’s frustrating you because you’re spending hours on your website with little tangible reward…

You are providing so much value, pouring your heart out into your biz, but nobody seems to care – because they don’t even know that you exist!

Where are those huge paydays that people talk about? Why are people hitting tens of thousands of views in a couple of months, earning 5-figures in affiliate sales, having glitzy course launches... while you are still having issues trying to get people to notice your blog posts, freebies, and webinars?


This is the hard truth: The money is in the list, and you must build an audience if you want to have a successful blog & business.

In other words:

More Subscribers = More Sales.

Your email list isn't growing fast enough, and you know that no audience = no business…

It could be due to information overload.

A lack of marketing know-how and experience.

No time to trial and error a gazillion strategies to find what works.

Not knowing what to focus on for the fastest growth.

I want you to know that… it's not your fault!

In fact, getting to your first 1,000 subscribers is one of the hardest parts about growing your profitable blog + business.


Tons of bloggers have problems getting to their first 1,000 subscribers, no matter how hard they work.

It’s actually a pretty common problem. In fact, I was one of them! Here's my story...

Hey there, I'm Raelyn Tan.

Raelyn Tan
Raelyn Tan

A quick "official" introduction: I've been blogging for 10 years (2 years on this current biz), have a degree in marketing, and did content marketing and social media in the corporate world for a co. with 2.44b in annual revenue. I now have a following of over 40k+ bloggers & online entrepreneurs. I currently work from home full-time on my online blog + business at

When I started to focus seriously on, I needed to get my blog noticed.

I had nobody but my ex-boyfriend and a few other people on my newsletter.

I knew I was entering a very competitive niche, but I was determined to follow my passion and build a successful blog + biz doing work that I love.

However, I faced a couple of problems:

  • Nobody knew I existed
  • I needed a community to sell to
  • I lacked confidence and feared that I was wasting my efforts
  • I felt overwhelmed and confused over all the things I had to do
  • I was extremely busy and did not have time

I would always remember a particularly depressing night – I had just launched my first freebie. But no one cared. It was a horrible feeling and I vouched to pay more attention to my traffic and email list from then on.


I devoted myself to learning the best list building strategies because I wanted my business to survive.

My subscriber list went from negligible to 1,000 in under 4 months, from May – August 2016.

Every month since, I have been growing my list at an almost exponential rate. And I’m talking sustainable and consistent growth, not those “one-hit viral article” kinda growth where you get a traffic spike and it dies after a few days.

Snapshot from last year: Exponential growth

Within a few months of narrow focus
, my profits increased, my frustration over being invisible subsided and I was actually enjoying my work, rather than getting by.

I have since grown my community to over 15,000 40,000 bloggers and online entrepreneurs across my social media channels and email list.

More importantly, it's not just about the numbers - I now have an engaged community that I love and can impact daily.

Today, I have over 10,000 subscribers on my email list and I can teach you how to do the same.

After a ton of research, experimentation, and trial-and-error, I realized that there are certain list building strategies that work really well, but some are duds that wasted months of my time.

Over the years, I developed an organized system that could get me new readers, subscribers and customers every single day.

I don’t believe in leaving it to luck for things to happen, but in strategically promoting your blog + biz so that your ideal audience will actually know that you exist and buy from you.

Every business needs a way to bring in fresh faces daily. You can't just leave this to luck and hope that your blog + business gets the exposure it needs by chance.

What about you? Do you have a sustainable system that brings you subscribers everyday?

If you need subscribers, perhaps you should learn from someone that has done what you want to do! Here's how I can help.


Introducing Get 1K Subscribers: The complete step-by-step system that will get you from empty blogland to your first 1000 subscribers and beyond.

Get 1K Subscribers is my signature list building system with the exact strategies that grew my email list to over 10,000 subscribers today.

It is hyper-focused on one goal and one goal only - to get you to your first 1,000 subscribers in the fastest, most strategic way possible.

After years of trial and error, this is a proven all-in-one system crafted for bloggers and online entrepreneurs who struggle with getting visible online.

May I add that I’m no special snowflake? I started from zero with no connections in the industry, a negligible budget, no time, and no pre-existing audience.

Most importantly...

It's not just me, but Get 1K Subscribers has transformed the blogs and businesses of many students just like you.

I have used the exact same techniques in Get 1K Subsribers to help my private high-end 1:1 clients and hundreds of Get 1K Subscribers course students to rapidly grow their email list.

My students come from a wide variety of niches, from health and fitness, to marketing, to designers, to law, to career coaches, to college blogs, and much more.

This course is the best step-by-step course I’ve seen about getting more traffic and subscribers.

I’ve tried plenty of courses/webinars/experts to get my marketing on track and getting traction. Nothing compares to the way you present the information. It’s clear, concise with easy action steps that have taken me from floundering to focused. Not only that, it’s sustainable – while the initial implementation may take a little time, with Raelyn’s systems in place, the weekly input is so straightforward!

I was trying to get my marketing strategy to work for 6 months, to no avail! I now have 362 subscribers and that’s increasing steadily everyday. I’m utterly astounded at how simple it actually is.

Jenny Cavanaugh-Bond,

Growing a thriving audience and email list is not elusive, nor is it only for the smart & successful. You can do this too!

I have seen time and again that anyone can do it with the right strategies and pure hard work.

If you can follow simple step by step instructions, you’ll be able to benefit from my experience and go from being a digital nobody to becoming a pro list builder.

What you need is a organized, workable plan… and Get 1K Subscribers will help you with exactly that!

Why? Because Get 1K Subscribers was DESIGNED to be the organized roadmap that will help you go from invisible to 1000 subscribers and beyond, every step of the way.

I know how hard it is to start from being an invisible speck online, and Get 1K Subscribers will help you grow your audience so that you can focus on making sales.

You have 2 choices today.

You could waddle around for a couple of years trying to figure it out, like I did… OR you could get started with skyrocketing your growth today :)

The course videos have given me really helpful and practical tips on how I can grow my traffic and email list. The step-by-step guidance makes things very easy to understand, and the results are amazing!

My traffic has more than doubled and I’m now at 1,700 page views per day. In just 10 days, I have also grown my email list by 500 subscribers to 1,500 subscribers.

Sabrina Leung,

This is how your life will change with Get 1K Subscribers

You wake up everyday new subscribers
signing up to your email list, abundantly.

When you publish a piece of content, you don’t hear crickets. You have a thriving community who appreciates you and your work.

You’re impacting the lives of people. You’re inspiring others doing work that you love. You are making a difference to the world that only you can bring.

You send an email out and have a big payday. Sales? You’ve been nurturing a rapidly growing list. People know, like, and trust you.

You check your stats and feel satisfied seeing your efforts get rewarded by tangible growth in your business.

You feel confident and relaxed working on your blog + biz. You may work hard, but you work with a strategy.

Yes, you! That’s what having a proven system that consistently brings you traffic and subscribers gets you.

After 10 years of trial and error since I started blogging, I’ve packaged everything I know about traffic and list building into an organized system for you to follow. I want your life to change.


Here’s What You’ll Get In Get 1K Subscribers.

  • 27 guided lessons organized thoughtfully into 6 modules, EVERYTHING YOU NEED to grow a thriving audience
  • Over 10 accompanying workbooks, checklists and resource guides for built-in accountability, so that you take solid action
  • VIP access to my biz: The exact list building strategies that took me from 0 to 1000 subscribers in 4 months, and to over 10000 subscribers now
  • Over my shoulder tech trainings: I don’t just tell you, I show you exactly how to do it
  • Get feedback, support, and access to me via our private course community

"Before taking Raelyn’s course I had 0 organic traffic, and the only other little traffic I had was coming from Pinterest. After implementing her strategies I have started to see actual organic traffic coming to my site every day, and my Pinterest traffic has even doubled!

For some who has struggled to grow my email list, I am now at 500 subscribers in just a couple months and seeing it grow daily.

I’m excited to see how much more my business grows as I continue to use Raelyn’s strategies!"

McKenzy Potter,

A step by step plan to grow your blog traffic and build your email list without all the guesswork?



Here’s what you can expect to learn in this course:

Module 1: Troubleshooting Your Business

Why your blog isn’t getting any traffic

⚡ The 3 “leaky holes” which are responsible for why your blog isn’t getting any traffic (if every blogger fixed these, traffic & list building would be so much easier!)

⚡ The 6 website pillars your blog must have BEFORE you start building your list

⚡ Simple tweaks you can make so that your blog + biz stands out from the crowd

Module 2: Compulsory List Building Systems

Everything you need to set up in order to build your email list on a sustainable, rock solid foundation

⚡ What you need to know before you start list building like a pro: Build your list on a solid foundation!

⚡ How to build your signature freebie that will attract buyers to you strategically

⚡ How to build a high converting landing page and thank you page, and why it’s so important to do so

⚡ How to embed opt-in forms at 6 proven hot spots on your website, based on my conversion data collected over 2 years.

Module 3: Proven Blog Post Promotion Strategies

Skyrocket your traffic by maximizing your effectiveness as a blogger

⚡ The 3 x 3 Article Formula - SIX must-dos to transform your blog posts from a waste of your time to subscriber-attracting pieces that bring exposure for your business

⚡My 2 deep research methods you must use to write articles on topics that are proven to be popular with your target audience

⚡ The 6 killer content blueprints that I’ve personally used to psychologically attract more attention, shares and links to my website.

⚡ Gain access to a case study with the behind-the-scenes work behind my article with 50K shares (I've a number of viral articles that still bring me many subscribers years after being published and I teach you the whole process)

How to turn existing traffic into subscribers in 24 hours or less

… and other techniques like "The Snowball Effect" that will turn you into an effective content creating powerhouse.

Module 4: Pinterest Mastery

UPDATED! The exact pinning strategy I used to revive my Pinterest account... tripling my monthly views from 597k to 1.5m in 28 days

⚡ My latest pinning system - from losing 30k viewers per day to getting more exposure for my pins. Not that monthly views is the most important metric, but it gives you an idea of the effectiveness of your Pinterest strategy

⚡ Pinterest essentials - how to get started with Pinterest, how to create stand-out pins, how to get search traffic with Pinterest, and much more!

⚡ How to leverage on the latest Pinterest algorithm changes and turn these debilitating updates to your advantage

⚡ Step-by-step instructions to automate your pinning strategy: I even take you back-end to my scheduler and show you exactly how I pin.

Module 5: Google Mastery

Learn the ins and outs of on-site & off-site optimization to get long-term traffic from Google.

Learn the ropes of search engine optimization (SEO) - a must-learn for ANY online entrepreneur!

⚡ SEO Essentials: How to optimize your website to maximize the chances of ranking blog posts on Google

⚡ How to do keyword research, my recommended SEO tools, and much more

⚡ Off-site optimization: Learn how to increase your domain authority and the 4 ways you can get links in an authentic manner

Module 6: List Building Turbo Hacks

Strategically get more subscribers with these 4 hacks

Learn how to network and collaborate with other bloggers effectively even if you're an introvert like me... tap into audiences bigger than yours!

⚡ Why most people are writing expert round-ups incorrectly and the right way to write one so that you can get maximum visibility

⚡ How to guest post in a manner that will actually get you onto platforms like Huffington Post, YFS Magazine, and more.

⚡ How to conduct webinars in a way that will turbo-charge your list.

Tech Tools & Tutorials

This course is idiot-proof

Don’t let a tech overwhelm or a lack of knowledge cripple you! You will also get access to multiple Get 1K Subscribers tech tutorials, with 12 tech tutorials that will solve 99.99% of your tech headaches instantly, such as:

⚡ Exactly how to create your first webinar (without spending a single cent!)

⚡ How to set up and automate your signature freebie so that it runs on autopilot.

⚡ How to set up your content upgrades, create visually appealing graphics, how to use scheduling tools to grow your traffic + list on autopilot, and much more!

More importantly...

You don't just learn all the strategies you need, I teach you the right order things have to be done, and how to organize everything into a list building system that works.

If you find yourself doing all the "right" things but still don't get results, it's because you're not doing them WELL - and this course will help with just that.




8 HQ Accountability Pit Stops

Say bye to overwhelm & take organized, focused action. (VALUE: $97)

Designated pit stops throughout the course will tell you exactly what you need to do after watching each video. These optional pit stops allow you to track your own progress & submit specified assignments to the community HQ for feedback. You’ll know EXACTLY what to do each week for your biz! #clarity

Private HQ Support Group

Get support from a private community of like-minded individuals. (VALUE: $197)

Unlike other groups, I am actually in there answering questions personally. You get VIP support from me in our own course community, and join other like-minded Get 1K Subscribers students as we grow our email lists together

Craft Your Monetization Strategy

Turn subscribers into more ka-ching for your biz. (VALUE: $97)

Use this workbook to figure out how best to monetize all those new subscribers you are getting, and exactly how you’re going to do it.

Affiliate Marketing Guidebook

Affiliate Marketing Strategies That Actually Work. (VALUE: $147)

Having earned tens of thousands from affiliate marketing, I share my best ninja tips to make money with affiliate marketing.




10K Shares Cheatbook

My step-by-step strategy to get 10,000 shares and more for multiple articles, compiled in a nifty PDF cheatbook for easy reading. (VALUE: $97)

This is a special bonus exclusively for webinar live attendees who purchase before the webinar ends.

Website Security Instructional

Learn how to keep your website secure - ensure that your years of work don't get washed down the drain due to a malicious attack! (VALUE: $47)

This is a special bonus exclusively for webinar live attendees who purchase before the webinar ends.

Are you ready to build a thriving audience for your blog + business?

27 written or video lectures in total, organized thoughtfully into 6 step-by-step modules of proven traffic and list building strategies ⚡
⚡ Over 10 accompanying workbooks, checklists and scripts ⚡
Life-time access + access to all future updates ⚡
12 over-my-shoulder tech trainings that'll show you HOW to do things, down to where to click
Bonus #1: 8 HQ Accountability Pit Stops for Feedback (VALUE: $97) ⚡
Bonus #2:
Course HQ Support Community (VALUE: $197) ⚡
Bonus #3: Monetize Your Blog + Biz Workbook (VALUE: $97) ⚡
Bonus #4: Affiliate Marketing Guidebook (VALUE: $147) ⚡
Fast-action webinar bonus: 10K Shares Cheatbook (VALUE: $97)
Fast-action webinar bonus: Website Security Instructional (VALUE: $47)

... Basically everything you need to rapidly grow your traffic and email list!

Which option is best for you?

Prices will be increasing very soon, on 15 September 2018!

3 payments of $67

Or one payment of $197 - save $4!


Why choose this course?

This is a complete system.
From organic search traffic, to social media mastery, to ninja list tactics – everything you need to grow a thriving online audience will be covered, organized in an A-Z manner.

This course is idiot-proof. There are action checklists so that you know exactly what to do after each module, and multiple tech tutorials so you can just follow and not worry about the tech.

Based on solid marketing fundamentals: I don't teach spammy magic pill tricks that promise to give you "instant" results but won't last. Expect techniques that you can use to consistently grow your list for years to come, so that you can build your business in a sustainable manner.

This course is tried-and-tested: I use these exact techniques in my own blog & business daily to grow my own audience and list to over 10K subscribers. Not just that, the strategies taught in Get 1K Subscribers has also transformed countless private clients and hundreds of G1KS course students to grow their email lists.

I’m not ancient: I grew my traffic and email list from zero in 2016 – 2018, so I understand exactly what you need. I don’t preach tired old strategies that don’t work anymore.

Life-time access to the course + all updates: We all know that the marketing scene keeps changing. I update this course regularly (its my signature course!) I have updated this course 6 times so far (2 major overhauls) and just added a case study and a completely revised Pinterest strategy. Unlike most purchases, Get 1K Subscribers is an investment that grows with time!


I am extremely confident that Get 1K Subscribers will bring you amazing traffic and list growth.

If you do the work and still do not get any results, contact me within 30 days with all your completed worksheets for a full refund. All the risk is on me!

Get 1K Subscribers gave me many new ideas on how to get traffic and email subscriptions. I have since grown to 4,000 page views per month and 260 subscribers! I feel so much better now when I think about growing my audience. The course modules were very organized. The worksheets were great, and there were many easy to follow tech guides.

Igor Benić, Technology Blogger + Entrepreneur

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
What if I'm a newbie?
Most list building courses assume that you already have a ton of traffic and readers. Not this course. 🙂

I know how hard it is to start from being an invisible speck online.

Get 1K Subscribers is DESIGNED to help you go from invisible to 1000 subscribers, every step of the way.

Many beginners waddle around for years trying to figure it out, feeling miserable about how nobody cares about their business. I’m here to bridge that gap.
What if I already have more than 1000 subscribers?
That depends. Are you happy with your current email list growth? If you're happy with it then there's no need for this course. But if you want to grow your email list faster, or you feel that your current way of list building is very unstable, then Get 1K Subscribers can help you with that.

Because this course is a COMPLETE system, I teach a whole arsenal of strategies… not just the ones that you’re using right now.

For instance, if you’re relying only on 1 or 2 main sources of traffic + subscribers, its time to diversify and get ready for the next season of growth for your blog.

Also, some students have joined this course to get future updates so they don't have to worry about being blind-sided by a new algorithm update and losing their traffic.

TLDR: If you're interested in growing your audience further, this course would definitely help with that.

How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
I'm busy...
A little progress each day leads to big results. If you have a couple of hours to spare per week, you will be fine.

2 weeks from now, your email list situation could be so different if you got started today, right? 🙂 You don’t want to be stuck in the situation years from now whereby you still got nothing done.

In fact, this program saves you time as you aren’t running around like a headless chicken with your website.

Instead, you’ll be confidently taking action on tasks that will bring you the biggest results for your biz – one baby step at a time.

Why? Because all the technical knowledge and strategies that you need will be provided in this program.

I’ve seen single parents do it. I’ve seen many people with a full-time job and kids to care for do it. I’ve seen people who are transitioning to a new job do it. I’ve seen people who are moving houses do it. So… you decide!
Is this easy to follow?
I’ve designed Get 1K Subscribers to be as easy to follow as it can possibly get.

There are plenty of tech videos throughout the modules, created because I know some people are not technically inclined.

At the end of each video, I tell you exactly what to do next to progress forward.

Almost every module has a checklist or worksheet so that you can effectively implement the strategies covered.

If you can follow simple step-by-step instructions, you can do this course.
What format will this course be in?
This course will include videos, checklists, workbooks, resource guides, copy and paste email templates… basically EVERYTHING you need to get noticed online.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.

"This isn't even the first time I'm taking the course and I've got pages and pages of notes!"

I update the course regularly. Let's hear from Laura, who provides writing tips & services!

I got in touch with her again a couple of months later - she now has 1869 subscribers:

I can’t say enough good things about Get 1K Subscribers!

Before this course I was frustrated with how slow my list was growing but now I am seeing consistent growth. I love receiving emails several times a day that I have new subscribers!

In about 6 weeks, I went from 121 to 738 subscribers!

This is the first course I’ve ever taken the time to write a testimonial for because it’s one of the first courses that I took which truly helped me see increased growth in my traffic, subscribers, and business. Thanks for everything, Raelyn!

- Deja Cronley,

Are you ready to build a thriving audience for your blog + business?

27 written or video lectures in total, organized thoughtfully into 6 step-by-step modules of proven traffic and list building strategies ⚡
⚡ Over 10 accompanying workbooks, checklists and scripts ⚡
Life-time access + access to all future updates ⚡
12 over-my-shoulder tech trainings that'll show you HOW to do things, down to where to click
Bonus #1: 8 HQ Accountability Pit Stops for Feedback (VALUE: $97) ⚡
Bonus #2:
Course HQ Support Community (VALUE: $197) ⚡
Bonus #3: Monetize Your Blog + Biz Workbook (VALUE: $97) ⚡
Bonus #4: Affiliate Marketing Guidebook (VALUE: $147) ⚡
Fast-action webinar bonus: 10K Shares Cheatbook (VALUE: $97)
Fast-action webinar bonus: Website Security Instructional (VALUE: $47)

... Basically everything you need to rapidly grow your traffic and email list!

Which option is best for you?

Prices will be increasing very soon, on 15 September 2018!

3 payments of $67

Or one payment of $197 - save $4!