Do you want to start a blog, but feel sooo overwhelmed?

You’re not alone!

The hardest part of any journey is getting started, and blogging is no exception.

Most beginners struggle to get their blog off the ground.

Some don’t have time to spend years “figuring it all out”. Others struggle with a lack of confidence or information overload.

The reality is that most bloggers go around in circles, spending years trying to figure things out.

After awhile, they give up, leaving their website to rot.


Starting a blog *can* be simple and easy… provided you know what to do.

After so many years of blogging, I’ve come to realize that starting a blog by itself isn’t difficult.

Millions of bloggers have started and grown successful blogs in relatively short periods of time.

And this number is growing everyday.

If so many have done it before you, there’s no reason that you can’t. :)

Why You Need To Start A Blog Today


Grow your blog into a full-time freedom business. Monetize and spend the income on vacations, hobbies, family – whatever you like.


Start a blog around your passion. Do work that you love. Jump out of bed every morning, happy and excited for the day.


Inspire others and make a difference in this world. Reach out to a global audience. Make a difference in someone else’s life.


With Kickstart Your Blog, You Can Now…

Start a blog and confidently know exactly what to do daily.

Grow a huge following, because you chose to take action today.

Earn some side income and grow your profits steadily.

Do work that you love and inspire others.

Travel and spend more time with your family.


Introducing Kickstart Your Blog:

The step-by-step beginner course that will help you start and grow a new blog + biz profitably, even when you have no tech knowledge and minimal time.

Stop screwing around with your blog and wasting your time!

I've created Kickstart Your Blog to be THE all-in-one beginner resource to start, launch and grow a successful blog.

If you want to launch a successful blog, but aren’t sure how exactly you are going to do it, you’re at the right place.

Say bye to overwhelm, say bye to a lack of direction and say HELLO to having a roadmap to start your dream blog.

With Kickstart Your Blog, you can now start a successful blog…

… even if you don’t know what to blog about, have minimal time, and don’t have the necessary marketing knowledge.

Say cheers to starting a successful blog as quickly and as strategically as possible!

“Kickstart Your Blog gave me DIRECTION. After watching so many other videos on youtube and also reading other blogs, I was stuck in information overload. I was overwhelmed by so much information, it was hard for me to focus.

I feel much better now and have been able to “rope” myself in and focus on the tasks at hand. The course gave me the direction I needed and I have at least started my blog and have begun to add some content.

I am now actually taking steps to start my blog rather than sitting here and “wishing” I could get started.

This course was straight-forward with ACTIONABLE content. The extra resources provided throughout the course were VERY helpful.

I can’t remember exactly how I stumbled across your content but I’m glad I did! Thank you for sharing such valuable information!”

- David M., Electric Muscle Therapy Blogger

It's always wise to learn from someone who is at where you want to be, rather than try to play guess everyday.

More about me:

Your Instructor

Raelyn Tan
Raelyn Tan

Raelyn Tan is a digital marketing strategist specializing in list building and profitable digital product funnels. After blogging for 10 years, a first-class honors degree in marketing, and over 40K subscribers, she loves providing cutting-edge online marketing strategies so that you can cut through the confusion and get straight to the strategies that will actually help you to grow your online business. She currently has a following of over 50k+ online entrepreneurs and is serving over 10K students.


Over 23 step-by-step, over-my-shoulder video tutorials.

From starting your blog, to setting up your plugins, to becoming a blogging pro,

I’ll be hand-holding you and showing you exactly how, every step of the way.

Stop trying to Google for stuff and going around cluelessly in never-ending circles!

I promise you - there's strictly no-fluff here.

Here's What You'll Learn

1. Launch your blog right

Exactly how to launch your blog on the right foundations and get things off the ground. This also means getting your niche, blog name, and target audience in order!

2. Website structure & plugins

Launching your blog is just the first step. Here's what to do next back-end --- getting your website and tech in order!

3. Get more traffic

Discover traffic strategies that are fast and effective and suitable for beginner bloggers.

4. Start Growing Your Email List

How to start and grow your email list and learn how to create landing pages, thank you pages, optimize your site for subscribers, and more!

5. Monetization

Learn how to monetize your blog and make your first $100 and beyond

...Kickstart Your Blog is the smart, dependable BFF that every new blogger has to have - filled with resources that will change your blogging game!

“When starting a blog, you are stressing about the 50 different things you need to do.

Kickstart Your Blog broke it all down for me. I now have a list to accomplish that will help me to reach my blog goals!

The course was self-paced which was nice, and gave me information on getting better views, how to monetize, and also help with building a website. I liked that Raelyn taught how to promote your blog, which is definitely needed.

Raelyn used real sites and profiles as examples in the videos. This allowed me to see what other bloggers really do, and proved to me that this course actually works.

I am less stressed now and feel like I can accomplish my goals better now! I recommend Kickstart Your Blog to bloggers who are just starting out, or bloggers who are at a loss of what to do with their blog.”

- Misty Eliar, Blogger at Thrify Mama Life

Course Curriculum

  Welcome To Kickstart Your Blog!
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Blog Name Generation
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Let's Start Your Blog!
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Important: Setting The Strategy
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Traffic Subscribers Yours Student Offer
Available in days
days after you enroll


Let's go on this journey together...

Kickstart Your Blog will be there to guide you as you grow and transform your new blog, every step of the way. Join us!

You will get access to these resources you need to start & transform your new biz (and more!):

✓ 100+ Facebook Groups

To get support, guidance and traffic from. Promotion schedule included.

✓ About Me Page Template

Create an about me page that gets your readers and potential customers drooling to hear more about you.

✓ Blogpost Promotion Checklist

Print this checklist and use it to get consistent traffic every time you write a new blogpost.

✓ 100+ Professional Styled Stock Photos

A resource list of 30 places to find 100+ free beautiful styled stock photos.

✓ 220 Catchy Headline Templates

220 catchy headline templates so that you’ll write attractive titles that will get clicks, attention and sales.

✓ 10K Shares Cheatsheet

My step-by-step process that got me over 10,000 shares for multiple articles.

... And countless more! I constantly update this course as well, so it is an investment that just grows with time!

I took a Pinterest course and an affiliate marketing course. I felt that I was still missing something, so that's why I took this course. I should have taken this course months ago!

Kickstart Your Blog provided clarity and direction: I didn't have a clear vision for a sales funnel or a long term plan, and now I do! It also helped me to "fill in the gaps" of knowledge that were missing in my business. I highly recommend this course to any new blogger!

- Kristen, founder of Dream Dash Journal


I am extremely confident that Kickstart Your Blog will absolutely rock your (blog + biz) world.

If you do the work and still do not get any results, contact me within 30 days with all your completed worksheets for a full refund. All the risk is on me!

As a first time blogger just starting out, many of the concepts were going over my head.

I felt completely overwhelmed over all of the steps I needed to execute to get my blog noticed.

The course laid everything out, step by step, like building the foundation to a house. It also introduced me to all of the tools required to help get me on my way faster.

I now have a much better understanding of what these concepts are, and how they work together. The concepts that were eluding me, as they were surrounded by techno jargon, are now much more accessible.

Raelyn’s passion for the subject matter shines through, and I appreciate the clean, crisp graphics on the student site and in the videos.

I also liked that the course consisted of smaller bite-sized videos. I have a young baby at home so I could run upstairs to check up on her if need be between videos. People can stop, digest and pick up again.

I now feel confident and focused about the direction of my new site!”

- Julie Caroline, Lifestyle Blogger

“We had searched Google and previewed several blogging information sites that were either too technical for beginners or charged too much for the basic information.

Your course gave us a step-by-step roadmap with understandable explanations and vivid examples to lead us through the process.

We feel very encouraged and excited that we have our blog site now operational and public with the proper plug-ins and a few blog posts.

We have found Raelyn to be very personable, and she displays a genuine interest in helping us with the challenges in establishing our blog. The course was an investment and not an expense. The price for the course is very reasonable, and it is worth every penny.

- Steve and Suzie Winham

It's your time now to kickstart your dream blog and business.

Imagine where your blog + business will be in 3 months time if you started today...

Get started now!

Before this course, I was doing my own research, fiddling around fixing up websites for clients but never creating my own.

I loved how straightforward and informative it was. I have started offering my services as a business using the tools and skills I learned from this course!

- Annie Roberson, Digital Marketing Virtual Assistant

I purchased a significantly more expensive course that promised the world and didn't get anything out of it.

Each video was short and gave manageable amounts of information!

With Kickstart Your Blog, running a successful blog feels very reachable. Now, I can actually make money doing this.

- Jennifer Pearson, founder of Preschool Mayhem