Your Stunning Website

The done-for-you website kit: Get a beautiful + fuss-free website up by this week.

Creating the website of your dreams could get difficult and expensive.

When I first started out, I tried to DIY my website. I ended up spending months to create a crappy looking website.

In business, time is money and I sure wasted a lot of time trying to create a website when I was so inexperienced!

The only other alternative was to hire a designer. However, I realized that it would cost me thousands of dollars... which was way out of budget.

With Your Stunning Website, I wanted to create a better alternative for entrepreneurs to create a beautiful website without driving yourself crazy, wasting months of your time, or spending thousands of dollars.

I know how difficult it can be to get an amazing website up, especially if you are not a tech pro!


Having An Amazing Website Will Allow You To...

Have an online home and start growing an online audience.

Earn some income and grow your profits steadily.

Increase your credibility online.

Start an online business you love and inspire others.

Introducing Your Stunning Website:

The all-in-one website kit to create a stunning website without breaking the bank or driving yourself crazy.

What's Your Stunning Website All About? #GimmeTheDeets

✔️ Solid fundamentals: Built on a strong, reliable theme

You get a stable website built on solid fundamentals. Get access to a good, reliable theme that's constantly updated so that any bugs are removed.

✔️ Perfect for non-coding technoturds

This is heaven sent if you aren’t very techy. 99% of the tech work has already been done for you - you get a beautiful site without doing the coding work needed.

✔️ Free Installation

Your Stunning Website includes free installation of the Divi theme and the Your Stunning Website template by yours truly! Your website will look exactly like the demo site you see below.

✔️ Easily Customizable

Over-my-shoulder video tutorials that will teach you exactly how to customize your stunning website to make it your own.

✔️✔️✔️ Saves you money

All this will be done at a fraction of the cost that you would spend elsewhere to get the same result! The Divi theme itself (which the site is built on) is worth $249 alone already, way more than the price. If you hire a designer to build a simple 5-paged website, it costs thousands.

Visit The Demo Site By Clicking On The Image Below!


Everything You Need For Your Stunning Website.


Your Stunning Website is built using the Divi theme, one of the most popular themes used online worth $249!


When you just install themes (whether free or paid), they usually look like crap. The Your Stunning Website website has been tweaked and professionally designed so that its 100% functional from day 1. You get a beautiful, 110% functional website out of the box.


I have the developer’s license, so you get life-time updates. The theme will automatically update.

How It Works

After purchase, I’ll install the theme + specially designed website template for you.

You’ll be given instructions to email me your website URL and login details. I’ll then install everything for you. You’ll get a stunning site out of the box, without driving yourself nuts or wasting months of your life.

*If you haven’t set up your hosting and domain name, I’ll provide the necessary video tutorials to get you set up.

You will also get access to tutorials so that you can learn how to make your website yours.

I believe in giving every student the skills they need to maintain their website.

You will get access to exclusive tutorials that will teach you how to use Divi’s drag and drop builder to customize your website according to your preferences.

No coding experience needed.

Your Instructor

Raelyn Tan
Raelyn Tan

Hey, I'm Raelyn Tan.

I've been blogging for 10 years, have a degree in marketing, and did content marketing and social media in the corporate world for a co. with 2.44b in annual revenue. I now have a following of over 30k+ bloggers & online entrepreneurs. I currently work from home full-time on my online blog + business at

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after payment?
You will get instant access to the Your Stunning Website student site where the video tutorials are at. Within the membership site, you will receive instructions to send me your URL for me to install the template for you. I typically get the installation done within 24 – 72 hours of receiving your email. Following that, you are free to add, remove, modify or customize anything you desire to the website.
Can I change the color/ font/ images/ wording/ formatting?
Of course! It’s extremely easy to do so with Divi, and I will show you how to do so inside.
Is there any technical support?
I will help you install the template to a URL of your choice. Unfortunately, I do not provide technical support. That being said, all the training that you could possibly need to create a pro website fuss-free will be provided. You will get life-time access and updates to everything!
Do I need to know how to code?
No! Divi has the best drag-and-drop builder that’s so user intuitive that even a kid can learn how to use it. You won’t need to touch any code.
Are there any refunds provided?
Due to the huge amount of work put into the template and to prevent content theft, no refunds will be provided and all sales are final.
How long will it take to create a good-lookin' website?
That depends on you, but most students take less than a week. (i.e, they get it up really fast!) After all, 99.999% of the work will be done for you already :)

Which option is best for you?

Your Stunning Website:
Divi Theme + Your Stunning Website Template


Life-time Access
  • Get life-time access to the popular Divi theme for one site (worth $249)
  • Receive a professionally designed website template that looks amazing out of the box.
  • Free installation of Divi and website template (aka, you get an amazing site in a few days!)
  • 9 step-by-step video tutorials to help you customize your site and learn how to use Divi and Wordpress.

The Ultimate 4 Course Bundle:
Your Stunning Website, Kickstart Your Blog & 2 more


Life-time Access
  • Your Stunning Website - Everything on the left
  • + Kickstart Your Blog - The all-in-one course for beginner bloggers to learn how to start, launch and grow a blog + biz. Consists of 7 action-packed, value-laden video modules.
  • + Affiliate Marketing Guidebook - Having earned tens of thousands from affiliate marketing, I share my best ninja tips to make money with affiliate marketing.
  • + 10K Shares Cheatsheet - Learn the exact step-by-step strategy I use to get more than 10,000 shares for multiple articles consistently.